Taharount Karim


Associated researcher 

History-Geography teacher in secondary education


2014 : PhD in History – CHS / Pantheon-Sorbonne University – Paris 1. 

  • « Materials for a history. Attempt at national and autonomous political organization of the working-class neighborhoods in France, 1982-2012 », under the direction of Annie Fourcaut. Supported in June 2014. Jury : Annie Fourcaut, Danièle Voldman; Philippe Rygiel; Michel Kokoreff.
  • 2007 : Master in Work, administration and social gestion, speciality : Manager of social sector organizations – Pantheon-Sorbonne University – Paris 1 2006 : Master in History – CHS / Pantheon-Sorbonne University – Paris 1.
  • Memoir : « History of an interregional movement composed of associations from immigration and the suburbs, from the end of the 1980s to the present day », under the direction of Annie Fourcaut. 2005 : Master’s degree in History – CHS / Pantheon-Sorbonne University – Paris 1. Memoir : « Le MIB, Movement of Immigration and the Suburbs», under the direction of Annie Fourcaut.
Research themes

Urban History / History of Immigration / History of Social Conflict and Political History Karim Taharount’s research focuses on mobilizations from immigration, french overseas territories and working-class neighborhoods in metropolitan France since the late 1960s. His research interests include the rapprochement that occurs at the national level between many of these local mobilizations. A rapprochement underpinned by a dynamic movement from socio-cultural work to political work, and from the defense of particular problems to the establishment of a general programmatic. Dynamic which culminate, ultimately, in the project of constitution of a political organization, national and autonomous, which would be able to fight in a perennial way against the inequalities of right and treatment lived by the populations essentially from the immigration, french overseas territories and popular neighborhoods. This work also focuses on the different forms of organizations employed within this associative movement (from the local informal collective to the project of a national political party, through the establishment of autonomous lists during local elections). Equal attention is paid to the diversity of type of action used locally or nationally, to the impact of each method, and to the process of switching from one method to another (from the search for dialogues with municipalities to the organization of riots, for example). In the same way, this research is interested in the relations of this associative movement with the other associative, union and partisan organizations in France. And this, within the framework of the communes where it has developed, in the context of the struggles for the defense of populations from immigration, overseas territories and popular neighborhoods, and within the framework of the dynamic that tends for several decades the structuring of the social movement or the recomposition of the left-wing.} {{Publications}} 2017 : « On est chez nous », Histoire des tentatives d’organisation politique de l’immigration et des quartiers populaires (1981-1988), Solnitsata, 2017, 360 pages.